We need a pre game

No government gets elected without running an election campaign, and no politician gets though a campaign without making promises and taking sides.

It could be something as simple as being presented with a list of the voter groups and having to click 3 of them who I pandered to in order to get elected, 2 to annoy, as well as needing to click 2 manifesto promises. If any of the 3 I chose to appease have a natural counter part (capitalist/socialist) then the opposite would automatically be one of my 2 antagonized groups.

From this I would urge for the implementation of a system which ensures that starting ministers won’t be loyal to groups who the player has no intention of appeasing.

If I get elected on a liberal secular platform, I shouldn’t have to deal with a religious conservative minister. If I campaigned for capitalists and the self employed then I shouldn’t have to deal with a socialist trade unionist minister. These would be examples of people who would be in the opposition party.


Well, there are some times that for the sake of diversity, a few governments do take up ministers from the opposition (it’s rare but it happens). But, yes that choice should be left to the player.

Agreed! This isn’t the first time this idea has been mentioned, but it is sorely needed!

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