[Suggestion] Make Creamer easier to get

I find that there is very little incentive to get the creamer and a whole lot of incentive to avoid it in the research tree. You basically have to go around it in the tree if you want to get basic machines like the analyzer, mixer, and shaker, so if you decide to get it (even later on in the game) you have to go through two consecutive techs (alternative delivery and then creamer) to get it. It might be better if alternative delivery were pulled from the tree and you could research the creamer directly, since the sole point of alternative delivery seems to be unlocking the creamer. I’d probably use it a lot more if it were easier to unlock early on in the game, since early on is when you have to worry about side effects more (In the late game, they are easy to get rid of and insignificant compared to your large drug values).

For that matter, it would be really nice if the analyzer was easier to get too, since being able to optimize your drugs at the very beginning would be nice. I typically sprint through the tree to the analyzer quickly, but in the first few months I don’t have it since I have to get basic auxiliary first.

i think its okay that u have to decide to get the creamer bit i think the game should have more of the research being dependent on the alternate delivery like synergies and what else like you have to do alterenate delivery to get to them like a branch of like the basic auxilary is.
i think the tec tree would look better if it was aranged like this https://sketch.io/render/sketch5598289953ce3.png