[suggestion] Move ship Commands?

I notice sometimes in space battles ships will not move how you want, could some form of limited ship movement commands be implemented like selecting and then have it follow the straight line to the point you clicked?

If you mean that the user would control where the ship goes, then nope. Remember, it’s how you build the ship and how you program it. :wink: That is a design choice that Cliff has made.

I’d still like to see a rudimenty tactic option available without having to micromanage everything, like flank, hit and run, something that defines a general movement option for what ever ships selected

i think what he was talking about was setting pre-battle waypoints for the ship. like, if you want them to get around the enemy to the other side of the map, you set one waypoint to the top and the second to the other side of the map.

This is exactly what I meant.

I am part of those thinking that prebattle nav point may be interresting. But it introduces something that I Cliffsky does not want to go into : succesion of commands (chronological or triggered by any type of event). Because once your ship has reached the way point then it will have to do something else (such as attacking the other ships)