Order ships waypoints pre-battle

Here was something I was thinking about; you can position your ships, and they automatically targets foes, but you really don’t have control on where they move, so I figured a neat option would be to order a waypoint for ships to head towards. That way you could have more control on what your ships do. With this, the ships would prioritize any foes along the path to the waypoint for attacking. once the ship reaches the way point it would do its default moving and targeting, or hold position, like if there was no way point.

Edit: think football plays.

so, what you think?

yes, that is a great idea. it would especially work great for one of my modded missions, where you have to destroy enemy transports before they get to the other side of the map; right now they just stay at their starting positions. either that, or they go out of their way to attack my ships when they have almost no weapons at all.

I would like to see something like this as well. It doesnt need to involve extensive waypointing, just some method for allowing you to send ships off in a certain direction at the start. Its very frustrating when you get everything deployed and the first thing that happens is everyone piles in towards the nearest enemy ship. Or maybe im doing something wrong

Agreed, this would be very useful, and would allow for novel tactics impossible now.

I like this. It increases the tactical aspect a lot.
Maybe a way of laying down multiple “checkpoint” markers for a ship to follow.