[Suggestion] Show combined DPS of all (laser) guns on ship

It would be cool if one could view the combined DPS (damage per second) of all guns of each class (laser), (missle), (turret/autocannon) on ships so one can have an “at a glance” view of DPS, represented by a graphical bar + number overlay (like other stats) would be cool, but also make understanding damage output easier.

The problem with this, is that dps is very dependent on accuracy.

Perhaps a display like this, but with two sliders next to it ‘size’ ‘speed’, so you can see the expected dps vs whatever you expect to be firing at. That would be pretty nifty (not quite foolproof, since some things have unexpected behavior - like missing with a missile effectively increases the time between shots.)

Not just missing. Range affects missiles DPS.

Plus I think there is a fudge factor in there. There’s that “Optimum range” stat.


At the risk of annoying a lot of people who are apparently a lot more serious about their gaming than me, I have to throw this in, and then I’ll leave it be.

I think there’s entirely too much focus on DPS (for heaven’s sake, I had to look the term up the first time I heard it). The game is called Gratuitous Space Battles, not Gratuitous Yet Accurate And As Deadly To Your Enemy As Possible Space Battles. Personally I like watching my enemy’s fleet erode just slightly faster than mine, so that I win with 15-20% of my fleet still spaceworthy. I’m all for piling the damage in as dense as possible, but it’s not the only focus of the game.

Sorry for the rant.

Ideally the interface for this would have two sliders, range and [enemy] speed, and would report one number.

How do you know what your enemy’s speed is?