Weapon info

i would love to see a DPS stat on weapon info, as well as a damage per shot on multi-projectile weapons.

an over all “agragate dps” on the ship info would also be cool.

oh, and a max speed/accelereation stat as well.

I’m not sure if DPS would work well in this game due to all the different factors that affect hit chances. But because speed, shields and armor differ for each design, the stat should be for raw hull damage. Maybe three different DPS stats for each gun, for different speeds. Like:

Speed of enemy ship 0-0.5 = (average dps)
0.5-1.0 speed = (average dps)
1.0-1.5 speed = (average dps)
1.5-2.0 speed… etc. Maybe it could be a drop down list that you could choose the preferred speed from. Or a small box where you can type your own, letting the game calculate it on the spot.

This would be for raw hull damage, not taking account of the enemy shields and armor or point defences, guidance scramblers and so on.

i dont think it has to be that difficult, as the chance to hit shoud not affect the dps output calculation (only the dealt dps)

mostly i just want to know:

  1. how many projetiles in a “shot”
  2. how much damage in each projectile
  3. how long between shots
  4. how much damage is output per second (dps, or #1x#2/#3)

we already have 1 and 3, but a lot of my decisions between moduals are going to be based on 2 and 4.

Doesn’t rate of fire already tell almost all that directly?

There’s always only one projectile in a shot (excluding missiles which split in 4 smaller ones.)

The damage value tells the damage dealt by one projectile. (Doesn’t it?)

Rate of fire tells how long the wait is between shots.

DPS can be easily calculated with your own calculator from damage/rate of fire. (I’m counting on that the rate of fire really is said in “projectiles shot during one second” rather than it being some random number.)

you are right that you can calculate it yourself from the info given, but why would you do that when the computer right in front of you can do it for you. it is info that i find pertinant, that the computer has. it should tell me the answer and let me make a decisoin based on that. dps is not a measure of effectivness by itself, but it does contribute.

Yeah, I’d like to see a calculated DPS field on there too, even if it took no account whatsoever for accuracy. It’s a bit strange having to calculate out such a crucial value for myself, even if it is only a derived stat.

As an aside, personally I’d also prefer to see the ‘rate of fire’ (shots per second) rather than the ‘fire interval’ (cool down duration.) But that’s just a small personal preference. I can do division in my head, but I find multiplication comes without thinking :slight_smile: