[Suggestion] Who did the damage?

During the statistics output after a battle you can see engaged ships and the damage those ships took. I’m assuming that it is total damage, not the damage dealt by that particular ship. If that is the case, maybe another darker red or a yellow could be used to show the total damage received by the particular ship you have selected, to see if it was actually useful or if it got a lucky shot off and something else destroyed the ship.

I second this. It was one of my first thoughts about the statistics screen.

That would be really useful. Just because a bomber squadron engaged 10 cruisers, did no damage and then got destroyed, the stats make it look very effective.

Fighter stats are irritatingly random, because those stats are the stats for ONE fighter, not the entire swarm.

As such, you can see 100% hit rates if one fighter only got off a single shot, or if it was particularly lucky with a high accuracy weapon. It makes stats for fighters essentially useless to rely on, which is a shame.