[Suggestion] Some limited interactive Gameplay additions

As of now the experience of space battles is missing an interactive element, being passive the whole battle is kind of lame, maybe add some limited form of off screen weapons one could aim and fire in realtime via menu buttons /w shot cooldowns? You could automate off screen cannons from the computer side as well. That should be pretty easy, I’d love to play with some space cannon or sattelite from afar to help my ships instead of just watching them passively until the battle is over. Maybe allowing offscreen canons to shoot asteroids that could damage you ships? might be something to think about, it also gets the player involved instead of having the whole affair be a passive experience.

If would require an extensive re-write let me know but it would be a good idea if you ever plan to do a sequel.

I think that if you read his story on how he developed this game, he originally had a more RTS like idea. He basically abandoned it I think.

I’ve also been thinking about some kind of interactivity. If anything, it would need to be through orders, that would be more in style with the game. I could see something to give general orders, say a slider that goes from [Run away]-[Retreat]-[Hold your ground]-[Advance]-[Charge]-[Attack at all cost]. Basically something that would be fleet wide, not per ship, and would replace the Caution order, or would control all ships that have Escort/Formation/Protection orders but have lost their target.