[suggestion] Viral Takeover Module

A trope I’ve seen in quite a few space operas is an informational warfare attack where one ship beams a virus over to its opponent, with the aim of controlling the systems of the target ship.

I can see a few ways in which this might work in GSB - it’d be like an advanced version of the already existing ECM shock.

  1. Repair drones could stop working if hit by the virus, or even start taking the module they’re supposed to be repairing apart.

  2. Ships relying on drone crewmembers might find themselves unable to operate certain systems.

  3. Ships with targetting computers, ECM beams and similar enhancements might find themselves “accidentally” shooting at friendlies, or disabling their own missiles, or whatever.

Whatcha all reckon?

Sounds like a load of devilish fun. I would hope that the ship could eventually fight off the virus (or restart to fix it, causing targeting to stop) and there should be a counter… an anti virus or defense computer.

Oh yes, definitely, I was thinking something without about the same duration as the ordinary ECM shock weapon, and resisted by the same thing.

I disagree. The fewer special/counter special attacks there are, the better. The worst thing that could happen to this game is for it to become lame rock-paper-scissors clone. To some extent it already is.

This wouldn’t have that effect. It’d be an alternative to the standard ECM shock, that did a different annoying thing (instead of stopping you firing) and was resisted in the same way. I wouldn’t expect it to be any nastier than an ordinary ECM shock, just different, and it’d look cool if you could see repair drones on strike. :slight_smile:

All it would be to me is another annoying little thing that makes this game less strategic. I like having a well rounded fleet that is suited to a variety of situations. All modules like that would do is make me add another anti-something to my ships.