Support Modules

dunno if we are taking suggestions for additional content on these forums, but it seems like it would be a logical step to add support modules like remote armor repair modules or maybe tracking enhancing computer link modules to the game so that you can make ships with more of a support role in combat.

although logistics is missing, game should be made stable and bugless first, because new content brings new bugs, so gsb will never be finished :smiley:

The modules you mention are already in the game, although they only affect the ship they are mounted on.

There are no remote repair modules in the game. He’s clearly talking about repair modules that affect other ships.

Stealing ideas from EVE is probably a good idea.

absolutely true.

I am no so enthusiastic about this idea. One of the most annoying aspects of homeworld for me was the heavy cruisers with 15 attached support frigates following them into combat like puppies.

This is something more suited to a strategy game than a gratuitous game. xD

The game is already a spreadsheet with heavily-clicky manual orders for everything. I’m really not sure how this would make any different to that; my fleets generally have a backline of heavy ships with long-range weapons, and it’d be nice if they could help repair ‘retreating’ ships. ‘Protector’ order might even be useful if ships could buff shields/repair damage/assist targeting etc.

talking about remote reps and such: why no sensor jammer modules? would be fun to jam 10% of enemy weapons :smiley:

I agree with oddis Active jamming modules for frigates might be a nice addition.

I don’t feel like we have enough options for defense or evasion. What about anti beam armor that halves the damage from beams? For that matter what about an order that allows you to modulate your shields… i.e. modulate shields against beams and you take 20% less damage against energy weapons… But if you took the multiphasic shields… maybe it’s 35 or 50% less. And cloaks that work better would be nice, keeping ships cloaked until they hit their best range.

Of course, if you had modulated shields or armors it would be good to have a third class of armament = ballistics. I like the way we have our weapons set up now i.e. that you can nearly make a fleet entirely with missiles or types of energy weapons and do well. I’d like to see that expanded, maybe some short ranged missiles, maybe some reflective armors and long range ion cannon for cruisers that kill shields. Then with a full range of ballistics… i.e. from the mini flak guns to the ultra heavy rail slug cannons. accompanied with anti ballistic shield modulation and anti ballistic armors it would make building fleets even more fun.