The Blerg?

yeah, I know, This would be a ripoff of the borg, but why not?

Even though I don’t have the game, I still have ideas…
For this expansion, there would only be 3 ships -
Blerg Cruiser
Blerg Frigate
Blerg fighter

and modules like:
Cutting beam - an absolutley devastating weapon, cuts through armor like butter, but shields…
Phasic torpedoes - shields, what shields?
Nanite field - a large field of nanites designed to jam enemy systems, and possibly take it over…

I suspect they would take way more money and crew to use, but hey, who didn’t want to command the most powerful race in the history of the future?

First of all, buy the game. I’m going to say that again because it’s important.

Buy the game.

Secondly, after you buy the game, you may wanna check out this thread, which implements the actual borg in a viscerally satisfying fashion.

  1. No
  2. Everyone knows Federation is way more overpowered than Borg, just because theyre Federation
  3. Ever heard about copyright infringement? Releasing a Borg ripoff as a commercial product would get Cliff`s ass busted… get the mod
  4. You need to play this game to get the right ideas (like BOOM,PEW PEW or even DAKKA)