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Another small bug: Healthcare/School vouchers refers to “Health/School tax credits” in the last sentence of the description.

Thanks, I’ll add this to my list.

@cliffski found this in trello.

Creationism There is no story of the creation of the Earth within Buddhism, or any mention of scientific explanations for the Earth’s existence. This is partly due to the fact that Buddhists do not believe in any God who has created the world. The Shinto version of creation consists of several deities coming together to form the earth and ancient Japan. so…maybe creationism is a thing.

Creationism was changed to be general involvement of religion in education system.
So depending on how antiscience those religions are, then links should be removed or vastly reduced.
Also it looks like you can have religious liberals without much of internal conflict in Asian countries.

Buddhsim mostly ok but rejects cloning to replace a loved one. so very mild negative link.

Or no link - can’t replace human or animal with cloning.
Unless it was newborn who died, as there was no time for distinct personality to form.
This could work for fish, rodents or other simple-minded pets.

Religious/conservative membership influences also should be adjusted, as religious policies can change those.

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I remember once upon a time someone discussing a Severe Weather event. ‘Twas after the Texas freeze, and they madd the recommendation for all weather events - Cyclones, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, etc - to be rolled into one or a few categories. I noticed multiple different weather related events, such as the heatwave and power grid failure events, on the trello.

I think it’d be worth it to roll those into one or two events: the Severe Weather/Natural Disaster event, wherein a natural disaster wreaks mayhem upon your nation; and the Power Grid Failure event, which can be caused by the Severe Weather.

I imagine some Severe Weather being linked to outputs like Global Temp, CO2, Environment, etc. Other Natural Disasters can be linked to specific countries; earthquakes make sense for countries like Japan and the USA, but not so much for places like the UK. Perhaps the Severe Weather should be more likely to occur in these countries?

This also saves having to balance multiple events, making sure they trigger, and the achievements associated with them, thus allowing you to focus more time elsewhere.

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I definitely intend to have more variety on the severe weather event front. there are already some prerequisites that prevent the UK having earthquakes or hurricanes, and I think that system works well.
The UK’s disastrous weather of choice seems to be flooding, which would be new. I plan on getting some suitable new artwork for all this soon.


have you fixed the japan debt integer rollover?
this is all on turn 1, asking bc i havent’t updated to 1.31 yet so asking if you fixed it.


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not yet but i will!


Sounds like a plan.

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@cliffski this is universal repeating event/dilemma bug, not just happening for environmentalists
Bez tytułu
What I reported for environmentalists was one of many things.
Problem with those is decay timer not being set.