The Keyhole Problem

I would like to ask for something very simple: The dialogs for loading ship designs and choosing hulls are abonimably tiny, and there are a lot of things to choose from. I am slowly assembling more than one design per hull, which means I will have at least one hundred designs before soon, and the dialog shows eight of these at a time.
Please make them a few hundred pixels higher so we do not have to scroll so much. And some more width would not hurt, many of the names of my ships are cut off, which can make it difficult to distinguish between two designs. I frankly do not need the ship design background when I choose hulls or load designs, the dialog might just as well use my full resolution.

And why the thread is named like this: )
It’s a rather famous article on this issue in software engineering. A decent read for anyone who writes software, though I have to admit that it is a bit verbose, to put it in mild terms. :wink: