The long forgotten (MOD RACE WIP)

For a long time after the destruction of the evil Uni-t* there was peace. The newly formed Union gradually became everywhere, with the capital ship Starburst becoming stripped of its weapons and orbiting a completely new, freshly terraformed neutral planet, right in the middle of all known territories, and the Starburst gradually became more than a monument to Union, it became a capital city of the Universe, with technology from all different races.

Afterwards, as is the inevitable in the Gratuitous Universe, the peace went boom.

So did the Starburst.

Above the neutral capital planet, there was a massive battle. Damaged ships from almost all races fell down over the planet, most of them simply burning up.

Fortunately for the Forgotten, four of the oldest races in the Universe, the Original Ones, the Federation, Rebels, Empire and Alliance, who at that time had the greatest technology, also had the greatest re-entry packages, meaning their ships actually made it to the ground, damaged, but definitely not destroyed. They quickly met up, with the highly diplomatic races, accustomed to peace, eventually coming to an agreement. They would leave each other alone until their sub-space comms reached their forces. Thus peace, once more, reigned on the homeworld, now officially named Ac’terries, or, roughly translated, Planet Of The Forgotten. Time passed. Much time. Too much. Generations passed, new were born, and yet still no one came. Millenium after millenium passed.

The Forgotten’s rage slowly grew, generation after generation, until suddenly an almost subconscious thought was made.

The four colonies of the forgotten met up where their great ancestors had met up. They all decided that whoever had left them there would pay.

The Forgotten prepare for battle.

Instead of leaving each other alone, they pooled their resources and ships, transforming their wreckage into massive mining and production factories, building ship after ship after ship.

While this happened, all of it, the Great Fifty-First War raged on. All of the races in the Universe, except the Nomads, who had been wiped out to the point of total extinction in the 35th Great War, had been fighting as long as their elders could remember, and needed, more than that, hated their lives because of the lack of it, peace.

When the Forgotten finally came, they thought it was a sign that the old Union was to be reformed, but it was not the case. Dozens of ships met their end at the hands of massive, damaged, horrors piloted by the Original Ones, with the greatest weaponry and shielding ever known to all races. They destroyed the fleets coming to greet them with open arms, all of them, even the Swarm and Order, as some plucky fighter pilots of all races survived re-entry, living among the other races and forming hybrids never before even dreamt of. They nearly destroyed all the races, but then stopped. For, like in the old legends of the Union, something came. Something horrible, brutal, and totally evil in every possible way.

The Destroyers.
A very powerful “flock” of the collective Swarm, that was sucked into a spacetime anomaly thousands of years ago. They have emerged in the Great 51st War as almost clear victors already, having lesser technology but bypassing one of the Swarm’s main disadvantages, that is, with Shielding at very poor levels in their time, MUCH better armoring and hull plating. Obviously, worse shields and slightly worse armor as well. And their ships have been damaged as well, leaving their hulls practically on fire. Unfortunately for even the Swarm, it is no longer piloted by Swarm, their ships are piloted by unknown beings possessing VERY good cloaking tech. They are the greatest threat to the Universe since Uni-t and thus must be stopped, or at least slowed down.

They stayed on their own however, not accepting any entreaties from their previous brothers and sisters and whatnot of their race. Thus the 52nd Great War of the Universe began.

*All credit goes to Darkstar076 for his wonderful work on the Unity and Cen2050 for the Union.

(Caput Traba)

Ships Active:

Caput Traba
Status: Needs testing and reviews, in Alpha Stage
current work: tests
finish time: A week of compulsory tests from you and me.
translation: Caput Traba means Capital Ship in Latin, like all other ship names of the Destroyers its name is latin.

Need to know if (even for a capital ship) its overpowered. Also need to know if it will work.
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Here’s a first glimpse & description of the Forgotten’s main ship:

The forgotten’s main dreadnought, the FirePhox, is an amalgamation of all the races of the forgotten’s tech. most other ships won’t be this, y’know, amalgamated, having bits from only one or two races in stead of all four.

No damage textures for it tho, and its already damaged cos all the bits they made it from were damaged in the Great Crash, just some of them have been repaired.

BTW ships have wierd names (yes that was a punny) bcos they are LOOSELY translated from weird n00blanguage. (I like puns that are funny = punnies)

if the rebels have the majority of the galaxy’s irony-resistant species, do the Long Forgotten have the humor resistant species? >:P
Anyways so will the FirePhox (heehee) have a negative hull boost? on account of the pieces being damaged?

Well actually that’s their main disadvantage kinda thing, bit like the Tribe or whatever. Or is it the Tribe with the positive hull boost?

Meh w/ever like I care, but yeah, they’ll all have a negative hull boost as a way of balancing it a bit, what with the time spent researching, they have shield and armor boosts.

Oh and I would have the piccy up for the FirePhox but it was too big :smiley:

here it is in a smaller version:

Its obviously not done yet but its only a sneek pæk.

Oh and take a naughty glimpse at the Destroyer’s Capital Ship:

I like the neon green color of the destroyer capital ship, And how the FirePhox looks like it was put together quickly by a bunch of angry aliens :slight_smile:
The Destroyers sound quite OP at first glance. Am I wrong? What is balancing them other than their weaker-than-normal defenses? Their strengths are gonna need to be countered by some significant weaknesses.

Well, less shields and slighty less armor, but their new weapons are mostly focused on missiles and stuff. The focus on missile tech means a couple of good scramblers should be able to just about make em easy, however they will also have rly good scramblers and the like cos of their focus on missiles.

That answers questions?

I see the light! It all makes sense now! 42!
Yeah that does make sense… Or a few ships loaded with pd on the front lines to take out incoming missiles.

Aww maaaaaana. Ive just lost my Photoshop free trial as I ACCIDENTALLY, BY HABIT, SHUT IT DOWN on the last use. however I did get quite a few of the Destroyer’s ships active:


Damn it’s ugly!

image (Fighter)

Who wants more ugly than that?

If ur saying ME:

image (Cruiser)

By god they really dont care about how cool their ships look!

oh and theres this one:

image (Cruiser)

U like?

‘ckracker’ lol I love it. I also love those ships! The ugly looks good for a race bent on the destruction of everything other than them…

Im smilesy now, thanks !

Oh and about photoshop, get GIMP! I like it far better than photoshop (also because I bought photoshop, lost the disk, and somehow the original got messed up…)