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This is true. I’m not 100% sure what I will do to replicate the ‘firing under the shields’ mechanic I had before. (or if I’ll keep that)


You mean fighters will now HAVE to have a dedicated anti-Cruiser(shield) weapon? This would mostly likely make armour completely irrelevant now. Unless of course it is a mere disruptor weapon, which means a whole new slew of small ship tactics.

Waiting (watching clock)


For what it’s worth, my immediate thought on the bubble vs. skin shield debate:

Suppose both types are available depending on the module? If you want to protect your cruisers against that sort of thing, it’ll cost you extra in credits/power/crew/etc. If you’re looking to scrimp and save, use a cheaper shield module that projects the traditional bubble - at the cost of possibly letting fighters turn your cruisers into so much tinfoil confetti.

Just a thought.


I agree with AcePalarum that it’d be interesting to have both the bubble and the skin shields available, with firing from within the shield permitted for the bubble-type but not for the skin-type shields. The skin-type shields would need to pay for this ability in some way, though.

It also might be interesting to make bubble-type versus skin-type shields a distinguishing feature of certain factions; for example, maybe the Tribe hasn’t developed skin-type shields and so can only use the bubble-type shields (which would play along with their seemingly low-tech aspect alongside their use of guns and their innate penalty to shields in GSB1), while maybe Empire has better access to (or cheaper access to) skin-type shields to play along with their apparent shield expertise in GSB1.


Quick question to our Supreme Space Admiral cliffski:
Will the races for GSB 2 include some of the races from GSB 1? (Or all? Or none?) And, if some of them come back, will their design be the same?


Holy crap! You’re making a second GSB!!!

Sorry, it’s just taking me a while to calm down from that.

I haven’t read all of the thread yet, but if I could ask for anything at all to add to GSB, it’d be stationary stations and experience points for surviving squadrons/ships/etc. Everything else looks great, and I can’t wait for GSB2. I think I bought GSB…from cliff, the expansions from cliff, for a friend from cliff again, and then from steam once while I was traveling without the install files. If there had been a “expansion donation” tender I would’ve probably hit that as well.

Also, maybe I just never quite got the strategy for them, but cruisers seemed to be very slow in the first game. Of course I may be wrong, because I didn’t play an awful lot with whatever came after the 1.47 patch, but cruisers always seemed too slow to be effective against fighters, nor fast enough to make up for their lack of shielding/armor vs frigates. Maybe that was fixed later on with some re-balancing/hardpoint additions? but that’s my only observation. Frigates and fighters could clear the board every time. Nothing like some suicidal 6+ speed rocket sleds to keep the other side distracted while the heavy hitters pulled up for brunch.


no offense yalda, but most of what you describe to me there sounds like bad ship design
may i point you to here
& here

slightly less offtopic

i noticed that (at least for me) all the threads on the gsb2 sub-forum also exist in the gsb1 sub-forum
is that supposed to happen

about the conversation with shields… I got nothing. i think what ace said a few posts up tell all that i would say


I think Yalda10 may have gotten frigate/cruisers convesed and inversed them. Swap the Cruiser for Frigate and he now has the point most people had with GSB1

Some crazy thinking did make them somewhat usefull.


Just wanted to throw an outsider’s perspective in here.

I appreciate all the discussion on mechanics and it looks like GSB2 will be pretty interesting. However, I’ll have to at least speak for those of us in the “tech trees and campaign” camp. GSB was a wonderful combat engine that would have been a lot of fun (for folks like me) if an actual game were wrapped around it. As it were, it reminded me of Space Engineers… all dressed up with nowhere to go. I was rather hoping GSB2 would embrace and extend Galactic Conquest as a core component of the game.

I’m not knocking you guys… I get where you’re coming from and appreciate GSB for what it is. Gratuitous :slight_smile:


I really want to see three things:

  1. Orders that are actually obeyed (so I can task some fighters to attack large vessels without them attacking other fighters), or weapons that can be set to only attack specific unit types.

  2. Keep track of the number of weapons carried if they are ordnance (missiles, bombs, torpedoes). Fighters can then be armed with a big, heavy missile, but they only get one shot.

  3. Fighters with expendable weapons RTB to refuel/rearm/repair if they run out of any ammo type.


Fighters definitely return to carriers to refuel already in GSB2. Considering ammo limits too.

I’d love to have a big campaign game wrapped around GSB2. The limitation is my sanity. GSB2 is HUGE in terms of code. It’s a custom engine, not unity, and I’m the only coder. I’m already overwhelmed. I’d like to ship it, THEN maybe consider a proper campaign.


welp now you got your first expansion and or DLC


Cliffski? ^^’
May I have an answer? Please? ^^

(Or someone direct me to the answer, if answer there is already ^^)


Sorry Chief, the answer is no it does not look like it at this point in time.

Source: GSB2 Design: Modules
Kraugerisk: Better damage and weapon accuracy
Terran: More efficient power supplys & targeting, decent shields
Y’ootan: Faster engines and better fighter weapons
Zyrtari: Better defenses, stronger armor and shields, repair systems


Ammo limits is critical for fighters. Alternately, have all weapons start the game ready to fire, and we can set the reload time to be longer than a game lasts (assuming a refuel resets them to "ready to fire).

Set the attack % on a unit size to 0 and it NEVER attacks that size, ever. 1% and it behaves how it does in GSB at 0.


A (vague) counter to darkstar076’s negative answer:

From here:

It doesn’t explicitly state that any of the GSB1+DLC factions will be present in GSB2. It does, however, suggest that cliffski would like to include all of them, which suggests that the four races in darkstar076’s post are either new names for old factions, or completely new factions, rather than a full list of all the factions which are to be included in GSB2. Of course, an alternative interpretation is that “everything from the base game, plus all its DLC” is in reference to modules specifically and does not include factions.


Personally I hope your right Aeson. . . but if all else fails, the modders that we have are rather skilled :slight_smile:


What I’m planning on doing is taking all the GSB1 weapon/module things, for example the swarm smart bomb, and putting them in GSB2, as this is quick and easy, and assigning them to the new races, PLUS adding some new stuff. Because there are only 4 races, and GSB1 had all those extra expansions, that should already make for a more varied setup between races.
So there will be race-specific smart bombs, limpet launchers, decoy projectors, radiation guns & nuclear missiles, return-to-sender missile beams, and all the other stuff :smiley:
I’ll be working on this kind of thing more after the Eurogamer show this month…


can’t tell if avoiding question
or answering.


Well, the original question was. . .

Cliff answered with:

So the answer to the question is No, the GSB I Races such as Federation, Rebels, Empire, Alliance, Order, Tribe, Nomads, Swarm, Parasites & Outcasts. will not be in GSB II.

However as Cliff is migrating the race specific weapons that were used by the aforementioned Races will be making their way across to the game (along with some new stuff). It will be possible to recreate the Races in GSB II but it will up to the community to migrate the GSB I ships/hulls across to GSB II.