Thoughts on Mac Beta

Some thoughts on the game:-

  • It seems strange to me that it should take as much Political Capital to decrease military spending by 1% as it does to half it. Just think that perhaps the capital required for changes should progressively increase the more you want to change something.

  • When you’re inside a policy, click on an associated voter group, then click to close that voter group, think it should take you back to the policy inside of take you back to the main screen.

  • It would appear that Free School Meals don’t help with the obesity problem which seems odd.

Hmmm good point on the free school meals thing, that’s an excellent idea. Regarding political capital, the idea is that it represents the administrative and bureaucratic and media in-fighting associated with getting anything changed in an area of policy, which is probably not related in a linear sense to what actual change is being made. When I was studying at the London School of Economics, we had a lecturer on public policy who had worked as a government advisor, and he said that when talking to politicians, they was often confusion between millions and billions, in terms of costs, so you might as well try to raise a billion pounds rather than a million as it made no difference to getting a plan approved :smiley:
Anyway, that stuck with me…