Thoughts on the game

Hi All,

I have only got into this game recently after reading a few articles on the New Statesman which a writer simulated major UK parties policy in the game. The experience so far is been fun, I must say, as a politics junkie. My applauds and respect to the game devs!
Browsing thru the forum, I have been seeing lots of dissatisfaction with the stock game and the so-called political biases. I don’t have 2 cents in this regard as I raced off the gate with the Synergy Mod, and the mod seems to have corrected quite an amount of said grievances. Still, I cannot express enough my excitement over another up and coming overhaul mod.
So my experience so far is quite balanced. On one hand, I enjoy the fine line one must tow in governance (perhaps by the virtue of the mod). On the other hand, I wish there would’ve been partisan politics elements, from daily political bickering, party activities, elections strategies (including intentional election frauds (Y)), coalitions, to electoral reforms. These features will certainly elevate the game to a new level. Hopefully a DLC will do? Or perhaps, we will see this in Democracy 4.

All in all, thanks for making this game. It’s awesome!!!