Tips for building a free market economy?

I bought this game because it sounded really interesting and different. I’ve been trying out different government types. But one thing I have been having difficulty with is keeping my GDP up while working with what I though was a more a Free Market approach. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I end up usually pissing somebody off and getting assassinated pretty quickly. Usually the liberals. I don’t want a walkthrough, but a few tips as to what triggers to look for and how to deal with them without having to flip-flop on policies would be nice. Also some tips maybe on how to get my GDP up free-market style would be great.

Are there other libertarian approaches I can take as well? Any ideas to explore would make my experience more fun! I’m a terrible politician.


You need to encourage people to be capitalists before you take any measures that really aggravate the socialists, so I’d suggest the enterprise scheme, and small business grants to encourage some entrepreneurship. You can then cut back on capital gains and corporation tax to encourage more capitalists, and one at a time, you can swap between an existing publicly provided service (like the health service) to a tax-break based scheme that encourages people to switch to private provision. I’d try this slowly, gradually reducing health funding, whilst boosting health-tax credits…
Once you have done this, the level of socialism should be lower, and you can cut back all government provision and simultaneously drop all the taxes. voila!
Of course, your mileage may vary :smiley:

Thanks, Ill give this method a shot and see how it works :smiley: