Tips for winning election

I have military spending and intelligence services at their highest levels and still suffer so many terrorist attacks that I have no chance of winning election. I don’t understand the frequency of these negative events when I’m spending in the two areas that should have the greatest impact. What am I doing wrong?

Even after a dozen games and reading the tutorial, I’m clueless about anything related to the cabinet or ministers. I don’t understand their impact, why they resign or their sympathies. Their resignations are fatal to any winning chances, yet I don’t know how to keep them or whether to fire them before they resign. Really need more details on this strategy, particularly in the tutorial or help screen.

I don’t understand membership. How can you have 100 percent support of the largest faction and no members joining your party?

Why do some games start with popularity so low that you have no hope of winning the vote – starting points of 3 percent voter support?

What are your winning strategies?

I try to address the biggest issues listed by “everyone”: Contagious diseases and often crime. Doesn’t seem to matter. I get terrorist events and cabinet resignations that make it impossible to win, no matter how many policies are popularly taken care of.

Just one turn before election, I had 77 percent support. I had a terrorist attack and minister resign in the last turn and lost election by 6 million votes. How is that possible? Events seem to be having a distorted impact.

Hi, the game can seem a bit hard at first. Here are some tips:

Military spending will prevent some things, like attacks on your shipping fleet etc, but they are not much good against terrorism. intelligence services help, but they will need the laws to support them. ID cards, CCTV cameras, phone tapping, are all ways to combat terrorism. Ideally you don’t suffer from terrorism, because you have good international relations.

It is possible to have 100% support and zero party members, because what’s shown as support is ‘voting intention’ and not happiness. If someone rates you government as 51%, they will vote for you 100% (because voting is a yes or no decision) but that doesn’t mean they are 100% in approval. people have to be REALLY keen on your policies to join your party, and it will take a while of them being happy before they actually take the plunge and join (or leave).

Ministerial resignations can be a bit tricky. you need to keep an eye on ministers that have really low loyalty, and take care not to annoy their core supporters. Some times that means changing a policy just to keep that minister happy.

The key to the game is consistency. make sure you decide whose support you are going to make the bedrock of your vote, and don’t annoy them. Also take note which groups have high membership, and never upset them too much. Remember that every voter is in several groups, so even if you make your socialist supporters real happy, the part of them that are motorists may hold back their support.
Hope that helps :smiley:

thats it. Its hard to prevent terror events, but there is one way, which worked for me. Forget the way of Oppression and Controll, you need to break down racial tension, have good foreign relations by spending in aid and taking the right decision in matters of terrorism and immigration, think humanistic not like most of world-rulers today do :wink:

Of corse a good intelligence service and a weahlty military spending you need, but all other things are bad for a free society and cost mutch cash.

A very good tip: the first things you should do are get rid of poverty and increase the economy. They make most people happier.

Second thing to do is get rid of all those irritating problems that crop up at the beginning of your (reign? what do you call it?).

And with the increased income from your economical status, you can spend it on a massive police force instead of armed police or other things. So more votes with liberals! And then just focus on getting everybody happy after that.

Finally got my first win after about 20 tries. Thanks for the tips.

Are terms limited? As I reached my third term, I could not save or resume the game. Term limits or bug?

there are no term limits. in what way did it prevent you?

When clicking on the tools icon and going to the menu to save the game, there is no button to save or to resume the game. You have to quit or start a new game.

This is with the demo, or the copy you’ve purchased?

Purchased copy, v1 and now v1.01

I’ve been trying to work out what causes this. It sounds like its games where you serve multiple terms. I will investigate…