Tobacco policy in D4

Tobacco policy could be more complex. I also don’t believe increase tobacco usage should be linked to GDP. Not a common phenomenon in the game that when you have your economy GDP riding high, you get an increase in tobacco usage (unless you are thinking it’s all the capitalists smoking cigars? )

Countries like Australia and New Zealand have reduced the tobacco usage based other mechanisms besides tax on:

  • advertising bans, even the point of sale (they are hidden in cabinets and you have to ask for what you want)
  • huge grotesque picture warning
  • plain packaging (removing branding even on packaging)

New Zealand has even set a sunset date whereby tobacco will be illegal by 2025

I guess this means creating a new interest group where membership can change. maybe a good group would be ‘drug users’ or ‘recreational drugs users’ . For drinkers, smokers, and when legal weed users


We could also subsidise quitting aids like nicotine gum and patches, I also wonder if tobacco usage would go down as technology increases and people take up vaping instead.

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While true, surely in game you want as many people as possible to smoke, so you can tax the hell out of them? If your thinking of it as directly proportional to the asthma malice, then there are other policies that affect it such as all fuel laws and reforestation.

The tobacco tax policy has a negative effect on everyone. In fact I have found that this tax is one of the few which has general support.