Two minor proposed effects

  • Biofuel Subsidies should reduce CO2 Emissions a bit, since the process of growing the corn (or whatever plant) would offset some of the emissions of burning them.
  • Currently, the Rare Earth Crisis is reduced by good Foreign Relations. If this is meant to represent other nation’s willingness to trade rare earth metals with us, wouldn’t it make more sense to use International Trade for this effect?

Ill check to see why biofuels doesnt reduce CO2 because you are right, obviously it should :smiley:

I guess the argument with rare earth is that the decision to trade or not trade rare earths is usually much more of a political one than an economic/trade one. This situation is there explicitly to reference the phenomena where a country might decide for strategic reasons to refuse to export rare earth metals, not where a lack of trade in general is taking place.

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I agree, that biofuel should reduce CO2 emissions a bit but in total they are almost a wash and probably an environmental negative. Particularly corn ethanol is probably an overall negative. Now the industry keeps promoting cellulosic ethanol and algae biofuel and these have the potential to be much better for the environment but a hard technological challenge and so far unrealized.


Yikes, thats interesting. I know that in the US at least, ethanol has become a political football thats lobbied for by the agricultural lobby. I guess there is an argument for biofuels to please enviornmentalists and farmers but have only a very small impact on CO2… I guess more definitive research is needed.


Biofuels also have the additional requirement of large amounts of water, it would make sense it would contribute to the water crisis debuff as well.

Any increase in farming (other than, like, vertical farms) really should, yeah

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That is a likely relation. Is this present in the game now?