UI Production Slot Organization

I searched for something like this and didnt see it so I apologize if I’m being redundant. One thing I would like to see is some reorganization of the production slots in the top menu. I really like the game, but I dont get a chance to play it that often, and as such the slots are becoming very numerous for one menu. I dont remember where everything resides, which means I do a lot of extra clicking just to find where different things are and their proper order for use.

My suggestion is to break the production slot menu into three or four separate menus. The first would basically stay as it is now, minus the “Make Parts” portions. The second menu would contain the production slots that I call the “individual fits” like the “Fit Front Axle”, “Fit Rear Axle” etc. That menu could be sectioned off by the name of the final production of those fits. For instance a section would be titled Build Chassis 0/6. Under the title would be the six “fits” I need in order to build the chassis. Each one of those fits is numbered on the menu in order to assist with knowing the correct order to lay them down in the factory. The 0/6 number in the title would change as I research the “fits” that belong to the Build Chassis section. I cant tell you how many times I started to lay down the individual “fits” only to finish and find out I was missing one or didnt allow for enough space because I didnt know i needed four spaces in the factory instead of three.

The third menu would contain only those parts that you currently manufacture. I guess we could call that Local Parts. This would contain only the parts that I manufacture locally or have the ability to manufacture locally. It might also be helpful to have a counter on each part to show how many “Make Windows” slots etc. I already have in my factory to help keep track.

The fourth, could be a menu that shows what parts I currently import and the ability to not import that part anymore. Hopefully this makes sense. Like I said my schedule doesnt allow me to play as much so a little bit of reorganization would help a lot for planning out my factory. Love the game. Thanks.

I don’t know, sounds way more complex than it currently is to me.

I guess I probably didnt need as much detail. I could have just said break those things out into separate menus and not describe how they would function. Didnt want to leave it up to interpretation.

Maybe something as simple as color coding in the menu