UI search bar

Previewed in this video :smiley:


HUGE, ENORMOUS improvement!
I hope it’ll integrate with the shop-side policy search as well. It could be a quite smart search that also, say, if you end up doing prerequisites, gives insights into why a given policy can’t yet be implemented (namely because a prerequisite isn’t there yet)

we have the new policy search bar already, but I repsume you mean this should search both, and click through to new policies if not found? Thats doable, I’m thinking I need some sort of icon on the result to suggest that its on the new policy screen… maybe a little repeat of the lightbulb icon?

Yeah, my ideal search would connect all things you might search for in a single context menu. It could directly link to policies and effects, and it might also add tutorials or something. Like, you could perhaps also search for “policy” and it’d lead to a card that briefly explains what, in terms of the game mechanics, a policy is.

But even if that won’t work, being able to, in a unified way, search for policies whether they are implemented or not, would be extremely helpful.
And if you can, it’d also be good to have a fuzzy keyword search or something. Like, if I don’t quite remember what a policy is called, but I start typing in something synonymous, the most relevant policies should be listed.

Smart search of this kind, I think, could massively improve this game, both for new comers (who’ll quickly learn about related things) and veterans (who’ll likely be much quicker typing in the relevant thing than trying to manually figure out in the current flurry of policies, whether what they want is already there and also where exactly it is)

Damn, that’ll be really usefull… Having to look through the whole screen for this small policy icon was kinda frustrating.

I hope that it’ll be integrated with translations one day ^^

Oh and in the dropdown menu below the search window, you could use color coding or a symbol or something to show off:

  • this policy is already implemented (green background? Put logo of policy next to text?
  • this policy isn’t implemented yet but you need more capital (red background, as it shows up in the policy shop already)
  • this is a simulation value (blue background?)
  • this is a situation (could also do green/red background for positive/negative effect there. Not sure which spot would deserve this more… Could also be yellow I guess? Iunno)
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It works fine already with translated text :smiley:

Does it? Are You talking about the new version or the old one?
Cause if I recall correctly, older one didn’t work properly :#

The search bar? its searching (both this one, and the one on the new policies screen) for the translated ‘guiname’ of a policy or situation, so it should find translated names no problem.