USA Start Position Is Inaccurate

At game start Cannabis is legalized. In the US today IRL cannabis is a schedule one drug, treated no differently than heroin.

Rubber bullets are used quite extensively in the US, I would recommend the start position be closer to 50%

Patriotism is incredibly high, I would think this value should be closer to 60%-70% at start

There is no national sales tax in the US, this policy probably should not be active at start

The US currently has quite significant oil drilling subsidies, this policy should probably be active at 30%-40% at start

The US flag is everywhere, this should probably be active at start at a low level at least

The US is notorious for its use of drones, this should definitely be active at 75% or more at start

The US has a fairly significant border barrier on the southern barrier, this should probably be at 33% or so at game start

The US Coast Guard patrols the water around the US and routinely seizes ships carrying drugs/ humans. Should definitely be active at the start at >50%

The US has a pretty extensive anti tobacco campaign, should be active at start around 50%

The US has extensive tax breaks for married couples so much so that it is a common joke that people get married simply for tax reasons. Should be active at start ~75%

Currently in the US if you are within 100 miles of the border or an international airport you can be legally required to provide documentation of your legal status. May be good to represent this by having this policy active at a low level at start

The US is infamous for its use of “advanced interrogation” techniques, should be active at start at mid level

US has a secret court system known as FISA courts for covert surveillance. Should be active at a mid level at start

In general the US in game at start is far more liberal than in reality.


The US should also have Gerrymandering on a very high level as a policy that puts dynamic power in the hands of the dominant minority (which should also be active in France, Canada, Germany, and The UK on a lower level), as well as have an electoral college active which influences Democracy level substantially.

Other countries also have an electoral college, but not the ones we can play as outside the US.

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I highlighted all of this in the USA thread months ago.


I remember that. But hey, hopefully bringing this up again can lead to a much needed patch. The more it’s brought up, the more the devs will go “:thinking: Hunh…let’s tweak it that way.”

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Hey Cliff, any thoughts on this?


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I haven’t noticed these before. Thanks for pointing them out! Some of these things could probably be explained by differences between individual states in the US, but that shouldn’t factor into these policy implementations, since the play is on the national level. Bumping.

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