UX Suggestion: Searchable Policies; Minister Filters

Hi All,

A couple of quick suggestions for better User experience:

In the new Policy View use the search field to look for effects of policies. For example when you type “environment” show all policies that have a direct impact on the environment.
-> This avoids tediously combing through all of them when you are trying to address a specific issue.

Also in Policy View make policies sortable by introduction costs (instead of alphabetical).
-> Simply a bit more relevant than the first letter.

In the hire new minister window, add some filters for desired job and/or demographic group. I might look for a new capitalist or self-employed transport ministers.
-> Its currently annoying to always cross reference the two columns that we currently have.

In the main view under Icon Controls add a filter for policies that could be changed with the current political capital or alternative scale the size of the bubble with the costs needed to make a (small) change to the policy.
-> This helps to identify which of the 40 or so active policies could be nudged a little more easily. It is similar to what we already have with new policies.

Thank you for your consideration of these points.

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Hi, the red circles (in sections) around a policy icon on the main screen already show you if you can adjust up or down with the current political capital (green for change is ok, red if not), unless I misunderstod this suggestion?

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Thanks, that does indeed reflect what I meant with the last point.