UI & General Feedback (Steam)

I searched and could not find similar topics:

  • Change request: Sorting of Demographic Voter panel (on left of main) does not stick and resets upon continue. Can a selection other than ABC> be pinned?

  • Feature suggestion: Ministerial effect on big policy decisions. Ministers could based on their starting bias create a reduction in the political cost for a major change in policy. This would allow for a bonus of sorts to compiling a cabinet with similar goals for government policy. Paired with their demographic bias they could positively/negatively change the outcome for that social group.

  • Balance: The stability metric that business perceives the government seems a little harsh. When ministers resign or are fired in tandem with short term monetary deficient as policies embed can result in a massive debuff to business stability perception of the government, which can be crippling to recover from. Coupled with ministers acting negatively likely too frequently causes a lot of feel bad you cant get back from.

  • Voter sentiment swings can be difficult to comprehend. Swings of 49%-16%-34%-52%-14% per continue is absolutely possible and can be difficult to understand from the resume title page even after clicking through to the voter sentiment plot graph.

  • Really enjoyed the game, big lift from Dem 3. Much clearer display of information with a more modern outlook.

Thank you.

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Hi there. welcome to the forum and thanks for your suggestions, they are very helpful. I will say that regarding point 4, Voter wings, there are two handy ways to look at these things. the first is the pop-up icons at the bottom of the popularity graph. If you see a big swing on there you should hover over the items at the bottom to see what happened that turn:

The second way is to take a look at the voter happiness diustribution on the electioneering screen:

This shows how ‘clumpy’ the voter support can be. If voters are closer to you that they are to the positions of the other two parties (blue and red), then they will vote for you. Because in this case, there is a huge wedge of voters pretty close to the position of the blue party, they have overwhelming support and members, but if that cluster of votes was slightly higher, they would still have a huge cluster of support but it would be ‘soft’.

In other words, there are situations where a lot of people are voting for you but ‘only just’, and they are just one minor income or policy shift away from deserting you for another party.

This chart is the best way to see how ‘solid’ your current support really is. ideally everyone is in a thick clump right at the top of this screen, not anyway further down.

I hope that makes sense :smiley:

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