Validity of the password


As said a little earlier today, I’ve just bought the game, and got the following e-mail:

"The above password information expires on Monday, January 12, 2009. Please make sure that you download the product(s) before this date.

Thanks for supporting the little guy and buying an independently made PC game!
Make a note of your registration key, you will need it to activate the downloaded game (You only need to do this once).

The product registration key is:

(In PM if required)"

As a matter of fact, when trying to retrieve the game (whatever the method used out of the 3), all I get is:

"File Download Error
The password has expired "

Which is slightly… frustrating :stuck_out_tongue:

Any idea of where that comes from? (PS: This password has been supplyed to me 18 hours ago and not been used on any machine).

In advance, thank you for any hint!


I’m investigating this right now with the payment processor. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks Cliff!

The problem has now been bypassed. Not really solved, as you will see, but I have got the game.

As it seems on their log, each time I was trying to get the file (from Denmark), their server registered simultaneously an attempt from USA. And as it seems when a connection is tried from 2 different countries, the password is disabled automatically.

I do not have a firewall in particular, and I am on direct connection on a router through a Danish Internet provider, so I do not know why this was happening (trying a another freshly installed -and then hopefully virus free- computer in the house gave the same result).

So the problem was not solved.

Instead, I got to get the file through a secure connection they provided me, which worked just fine.

So the problem was bypassed :slight_smile:

I decided to put the explanation here in case someone else, in the future, could have a problem to download the game.

But I have to say I am very happy of the customer service I got, I could even get to enjoy a bit of the full game before sleeping, which I had lost all hope for :stuck_out_tongue:

I always reply to emails immediately if they are regarding failure to play a bought game. If I don’t reply for a while, I’m either asleep (I’m in the UK), away from my PC for a few hours, or on holiday (which is announced in the forums).