v1.09 verification glitch


After testing the demo, I’ve just bought and downloaded the latest full version (1.09) of Democracy2 - great game BTW :slight_smile:

I’m installing it and get to the screen where I am asked to enter the verification code. The game says connected to the Internet and then locks up my WinXP box. I’ve waited 20 minutes whilst it did nothing, can’t alt-tab or alt-F4 or ctrl-alt-del even. Is there any way I can alter the command line for the executable to ensure that it opens in a window only - so that I can debug the glitch?

I’ve permitted the democracy2.exe file to transmit and receive data through my firewall. My internet access is working. I’m running all the latest patches for Windows XP, have 1gb of ram, plenty of hdd space free, etc.

Debug.txt says:

Clearing textured sprites
validating order ID
democracy2/autoupdate/validate.php?&id=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-1 [with numbers where the x’s are]

Any idea how I can get this game running?



Fixed by uninstalling, scrubbing my registry entirely and re-installing. Bizarre!

Sounds like a firewall stopped the game connecting to the server, not sure why your registry clean out changed that, maybe second time lucky regarding your firewall allowing it?