Victorian USA

So I’m playing in very reactionary way.

They still vote for me lol

There was a lot of protectionism and state intervention back in the economy in those days (East India Company nationalized, imagine walmart being nationalized by the american government today).

How are you embracing that?

Not to mention nationalized rail company, etc.

Max tariffs + nationalized everything to get income from, set it to min so it brings income.

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Oh, I see.

I’ve been considering starting a game in which I eliminate all possible policies, reduce spending to zero on all policies that cannot be outright eliminated, and finance this minimal budget with either a low sales tax, or a minimum of profit-generating State enterprises.

I can’t bring myself to do it, though - I don’t like torturing people, even when they’re imaginary.


Well, I’ve done it, it just leads to chaos.

But, is there any possible way to get re-elected into that chaos?

When I made the stare very authoritarian, I lost the vote by 2%. 17.6 v 19.6. I haven’t tried it enough number of times to win. It’s possible.

I did improve food prices and corruption, everything else remained the same.

If you don’t do anything at all. Not even create an authoritarian state, then it just means that you lose power or get assassinated.