Democracy 1 Mega Mod Pack. (Attention Libertarians)

A big hello to everyone! I have played Democracy 2 for quite awhile, but never actually made mods myself. now that my netbook can only play Democracy 1, I decided to mod quite a bit. Being the Libertarian I am, I decided to add quite a few libertarian policies. I also added some other obscure policies, like Georgist tax and panarchism. If you have any other ideas for policies, please just message me. I will update you as I create more polices. If any of you want to beta test some of these policies before I release them, just PM me. I imagine some of these mods could be ported to Democracy 2, so if anyone would like these mods for Democracy 2, I can PM links to the mods to you, and you can edit them so they will work on Democracy 2. Thank you.

bath salts

-militias/national guard (replacement for army) (Read about JFK’s idea to abolish the military)
-gold back currency
-private schools
-private roads
-private health
-securities regulation
-nationalization of industry
-carbon exchange/air rights (free market)
-privacy rights
-anti monopoly laws
-state tax
-compensation based criminal punishment
-pat downs
-finacial regulation
-off shore drilling
-silver bank currency
-school vouchers
-minority rights
-fariness doctrine
-bank solvency
-gay marriage
-immigration clash
-government control of marriage
-living wage
-micro nations
-post office
-tolerance policies
-Home Schooling

Completed (Alpha Phase )
-Private Currencies Check
-Investor Residency Program Check
-Land Tax (Georgist Tax) Check