Voting Balance

First, congrats on the alpha version of democracy 4, it is really fun to play!

My thoughts on voting balance:

I ran through a game as a liberal socialist (randomized start), and the voting results (maybe 3 election cycles in) are heavily skewed in my favor. For instance, I received over 97% of the votes in the last election (I have over 99% voting intention). I suggest giving parties more voter loyalty and/or allowing the other two AI parties to adapt their views to get more voters. Furthermore, the membership for my party is over 60 million, the next party has about 100,000 and the last party has 0.

Another thing I ran into is that some voters just give me their votes. For instance, I have 0 happiness with capitalists, yet I still get all capitalists above the 50% line (in happiness distribution). In that same distribution, I would guess that their happiness is about 80% (most are very close or on the fanatically supportive side), yet their current opinion of government is fanatically opposed.

Lastly, I am so happy that you made this game!


They give you their votes because they aren’t just capitalist- they are also motorists, etc. Which may be fanatically loyal.

Ah, that makes sense, thanks. However, I still think the voting is too one sided.

I do think that it is far too easy to become massively popular with everyone. But maybe I just need to play on higher difficulties? I’m not sure how much realism is meant to play into 100% difficulty.

We have got feedback that the game is too easy. We will be balancing this over the coming weeks, and also making sure that the difficulty slider provides a real challenge.

One suggestion: the dynamics of increasing the population of different voter groups (what i like to call ‘demographic gerrymandering’) should probably take at least twice as long in terms of the number of turns.