Waste Management Policy

Consider a policy to cover household garbage collection, wastewater treatment, hazardous waste containment, landfill accumulation, and community cleanup services run by the state. Seems like there are a few policies adjacent to this, including recycling, green electronics initiative, and pollution controls, all of which might be connected to such a policy. But this idea is to represent a country’s waste management industry which handles all the waste that isn’t sorted out by these other services.

Some possible connections:

  • Cost to run increases exponentially with GDP to represent additional waste generated
  • Higher investment improves the environment exponentially
  • Low investment decreases Environmentalist happiness, and high investment increases it
  • Increases State Employee membership
  • Low investment decreases State Employee happiness, and high investment levels out to 0 influence
  • Low investment increases probability of Garbage Scam event, and high investment decreases it
  • Recycling and Green Electronics Initiative policies reduce the cost of running, to represent recyclable and e-waste items being sorted out of general garbage

Could also have a “Garbage” crisis similar to Pollution, to represent material waste littering the streets or accumulating in natural spaces like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Such a crisis might have a few different causes and effects:

  • GDP increases crisis exponentially
  • Car, Bus, Air, and Rail usage all increase crisis slightly (Car Usage probably weighted more)
  • Higher investment in Waste Management lowers crisis exponentially
  • Keep The Country Tidy Campaign slightly lowers crisis, to represent reduction in littering behavior
  • Plant Based Diets slightly lowers crisis, to represent less trash generated
  • Compulsory Work For The Unemployed slightly lowers crisis, to represent trash pickup efforts
  • Garbage crisis degrades the environment greatly
  • Garbage crisis lowers health slightly
  • Garbage crisis lowers tourism moderately
  • Garbage crisis decreases Environmentalist happiness

Thoughts on the core idea, and on other possible influences it could have?


This is a old post. However, I like the idea.


Terrific idea, yes. And another state division to chip away at Unemployment