Wednesday 29th July Patch?

I don’t see an updated blog nor Wednesday 29th July patch?
I know these things can change but was hoping to play w/ the patents and “custom” settings.
Did I miss it somewhere?

I know what you mean. I’m going to wait until after 4 in my time zone before I get worried.

Keep in mind, there’s a windows update going out, so worst case that might have lost like two hours right there.

No patch, no blog news today, was so looking forward to trying out all the new options… Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

To be fair, it’s generally better to get a working version a day or two later than the target than it is to get a broken version on schedule, especially when there’s no easy way for users to roll-back.

YAY !!! its out.

I was thinking more MC 1.9 snapshot release, lol.

Sorry guys, I should have come on here to let you know the patch was delayed a day last week. I was super busy!