Weight degrade in config file

I need to keep my weight down for my career path. What would be the best value to change in the weight degrade section of the config file? Someone said the best would be 1.0 rather than the default or should I make it lower like 0.4 for example.

Hey Neongirl!

In short keeping the degrade at 1.00 stops your weight going up on its own (one of the few stats that degrades up to 100% as most others degrade down to 0%. All skills degrade down) but the weight can still increase by being lazy or eating bad foods. If you want to remove weight as something in the game you can actually set the value to 1.5 and after a few days you will always have ~0 as a weight (but I haven’t tested this to see if it breaks the game, although I don’t see why it would).

Basically the degradation value will reduce a skill/stat TO that percent each day. Guitar degrades to 98% each day. So:
if you had 100 guitar skill the next day it would drop to 98.
If it was at 50 it would drop to 49.
If it was 25 it would drop to 24.5, which might show as either 24 or 25 (but the game will remember it as 24.5)

The game stores the skill/stat as a range from “0.000” (no skill/stat) to “1.000” (100% skill/stat).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much seems to have work :slight_smile: