Muscle degrade and other questions

I cannot find the area to correct or modify the speed of my muscles degrading. Right now they loose about 1-2% a day.

I have changed my config file before I saved the default. I should have read this site first…Is the default list available somewhere?
The main problem with this is how my kudos are screwed up. I can’t get above about 20, and even when friends have a good time I get no points.

My character has 100% culture and 81% IQ, yet people don’t want to be seen with me. I bathe and have the nice suit. I keep getting dissed by NPCs with 21% culture and 30% IQs. What gives?

For muscles look in solo_activites … visitgym, homegym and workout.

For not being able to mix with peeps … looks like you could be lacking a bit of [color=red]confidence and / or you’re a miserable sod … or sob :angry: raise [color=blue]happiness.

For raising kudos … eat everywhere. Being seen at a new place helps too.

OK. I appreciate the reply.

In the solo_activities.csv [size=84](or any ‘kudos\data\simulation’ file)[/size] you’ll find strings of ‘Comma Separated Values’ with definitions in the top row.

The definitions should be pretty self-explanatory:

Marker,Name,GUI Name,Description,onexecute,variable effects,ondisplay,meetfriend,ignoremods,Cost,MonthStart,MonthEnd,mon,tue,wed,thur,fri,sat,sun,StartMods,,,,,,,,

The only thing that may need explanation is the ‘StartMods’. Cliffski explained this here once and if you searched long enough or tried the right combination of different values you’d probably figure it out but I’ll just let you know again (sorry for showin’ up late):

I believe the default installation for “Visit the gym” [size=75](membership available under the general category at the store)[/size] lists one of the ‘StartMods’ as “muscles,0.02,0.97” which means that visiting the gym raises your muscles by 2% and the following day, 97% of that 2% remains.

After that there’s a “Token” (#) and probably ‘“_energy,0.2”,“gym,1.0”’ which means that in order to ‘Visit the gym’ you need at least 20% energy and a gym membership (which you bought at the store).

What I did is installed ‘Kudos’ [size=84](from the file downloaded from BMTMicro)[/size] in a particular directory [size=84](‘kudosdefault’ for example)[/size] and never changed any configs. Then installed the version I use in a different directory. That way I’m free to make any changes I need and [size=75](when I first started out the idea was)[/size] if I screw it up too bad I can always roll back to the original. It’s also good for reference like if your posting a reply to somebody in this forum and need to show default values.

You only get kudos if you invite your friends out. If they invite you, the only thing you get out of it is maybe meeting somebody new (if there are blank squares under “who’s going” when they call you up)

You also get extra kudos for ‘new activity’; if you always invite your friends out to a movie but never go bowling, you’ll get extra kudos for the ‘new activity’.

Different restaurants give different kudos. You will find that you get varying amounts of extra kudos if you choose an expensive restaurant and you’ll lose kudos if you eat at a cheapo place.

You need to keep your house clean, too.