What all stacks?

Hi guys!

I’m new and enjoying the game. Just a couple of questions…

I noticed that the engines and fuel tanks stack…very nice!

I have seen where Heroquestelf has posted that the fuel Injectors and fuel Scoops might stack to wwwaaayyy improve the fuel consumption over just having one. Can anyone confirm that this is true? I personally haven’t noticed a big jump after the purchase of the second one for one ship. I may not have paid attention to it.

What about the repair subsystems?

Anything else you guys might know that is stackable

I thank you in advance

Stack, as in more than one adds more (whatever the module does)?

(I’ve seen other games where “stack” means you can pile several onto one inventory space).

Hi Draggar

Thx for the response. You are correct, I also have seen that. I should have been more specific. It didnt even cross my mind to tell you the truth.

Stack as in the module increases the properties for whichever function it serves.

For instance…
Three turbo engines gives you three times the thrust of one turbo engine
or Three Fuel Tanks gives you three times the capacity of one fuel tank.

What I haven’t seen is on the purchase of three fuel injectors is three times the improvement on fuel consumption. I have not tried the fuel scoops yet.

So…anyone notice a change or was I not paying attention to detail and I was wondering what else “stacks”.

Thanks again.

fuel scoop + fuel scoop doesn’t IIRC.
however, fuel scoop + Fuel injector gives you 300 efficiency :slight_smile: