What are the sources for policy effects

Has Cliff ever listed what resources he uses to decide on policy effects? I know he puts a lot of research into the game and for certain effects which aren’t instinctive like the link between climate change and violence for example I’d like to learn more.


Google Searches. So I imagine articles & studies?

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I don’t think he has explicitly listed resources he has used when deciding policy effects.
You can infer / get some insights into the process from listening to his developer diaries however: Democracy 4 Developer Blog #42: Steam deck and mods - YouTube

My feeling based on listening to the developer diaries is that he does independent research on a general given topic (e.g. charity) but when he wants to model specific countries he will outsource research to someone else.

That being said @Chantern15 is right, that in the day of the internet, we can easily find resources.
A quick search of “rising temperatures and violent crime” gave me a lot of results, here is one that I skimmed through that talks convincingly about the correlation if taken at face value: The troubling ways a heatwave can warp your mind - BBC Future

Not very intuitive is it? Sometimes the world we live in it like that though.


Hmmmm…could be possible.