What are your thoughts of GSB

I like it… when i saw it in my humble page because my dad bought the HIB 4 I think GSB was in there and i thought it looked stupid but then i played it and it was fun, one of the better HIB games i got

I’m glad that you think so, brutalnate. There’s more strategy to GSB than meets the eye.

By the way, should you wish to further spice up your game we also have a large quantity of interesting mods to choose from. Visit the Gratuitous Modding subforum and check them out. I’m rather fond of this one. :wink:

i saw that mod page but i couldn’t figure out where the dl link is because it is such a big page

Yes, that is a very detail-filled thread. For download links, go here for Windows, and here for Mac OS X. The thread also has comments in it which describe actions to take if you have difficulty installing the mod within your copy of GSB.

If you have specific comments about the mod, feel free to comment directly in that thread. Enjoy!

Back on topic, then: My own thoughts about GSB are that after having discovered the game & examined it in detail, I had finally found the space war game that I had long been looking for. The fact that I’m still here on these forums years after those events is proof of my like of the game. :smiley:

GSB unfairly gets more than its fair share of uninformed criticism from people who think that because you cannot directly take control of navigation or gunnery in mid-battle, that this game has no strategy. They are mistaken. The strategy element is present, and in great quantity; it simply happens before the fighting begins. How efficiently a player designs his warships, and how intelligently he deploys them, has a substantial effect upon everything that happens once you as a fleet commander clicks on the “fight” button and your individual ship captains take over. This means that heat-of-the-moment “gun and run” play styles are eclipsed in favor of careful planning in the earlier stages of your game.

Sometimes, building my own warships is a process that I find even more interesting and entertaining than actually throwing them into a fight.

“Well, just watch me.”
Another Great Quote

The only problem i have is it crashes a lot and i mean A LOT like if i click something the screen might go black and say GSB.exe has encountered an error and needs to close… thats kind of annoying.

First of all i want to say Hello to GSB Forum Community.

For the second IMO this game is great it has only one huge disadvantage - takes too much time :slight_smile:
I really enjoy playing it, but sometimes i catch myself with this “one more minute syndrome” which makes me almost being late to work :slight_smile:

I get it from HBP, and i didn’t really enjoyed any of “original” HBP game as much as GSB which was added later (as bonus game). This game is great.

Edit: About crashing - I play GSB on both my PC (gaming Rig) and my Notebook (old working machine), and it crashes on notebook but never happens on PC. Wonder why? Maybe it is system fault (PC - Win 7, NB -Win XP)?