What other orders would people like to see?

Fighter Regroup -
After repairing, fighters wait on other members of their squadron to return to carrier before carrying out other orders.
Not selectable with an Escort order since you always want the maximum number of fighters escorting the target ship.

I’d really like to see a Charge order, where ships group up into a tight knot before moving into attack range. This would be good for cruisers and attack frigates to keep them from spreading out and getting picked off.
More cooperative orders between ships would put more emphasis on formations and initial arrangement of ships.

Random fight generator. Random race. Random random size. Random spacial amomolies.

This would be great for.

  1. Replayabilty
  2. Quick games when you have a few minutes.
    3 A way to get those last honor points you need to unlock things for non power players.

Call it GGsb. Generic GSB.

I made a thread with almost the same title ages back, but it got lost in the depths of the forums. Lemme see if I can dig up the link…


There’s a load of order ideas on there.

I would really really really like to see some way to have ships keep moving, but still stay within a certain distance of a target. This doesnt seem like it would be hard to implement (in my limited knowledge), but I think it would greatly improve the survivability of my frigates. Unlike fighters, frigates dont seem survivable enough to forge ahead on their own, yet they do benefit from evading, especially against those heavy cruiser weapons.

I would like to see an order where I can tell a ship (or fighter squadron) to hold current position for XXXX amount of time and then proceed with a second order. Or even Perform order 1 for XXXX time and then perform order 2.

Example, give my fighter-bombers orders to wait 1 minute before starting their attack run. This would give other ships a change to engage (drawing fire) before the bombers moved in for their attacks.

Another Example: order 1/2 my frigates to attack immediately, while the other half waits 3 minutes, before moving in on their attacks, while the first have moves to a defensive role around the cruisers.

This will give a layered assault feel, as well as some controll to pull back injured ships and replace them with fresh.

Fully agree with the above. I see such a system as a sort of “Order Que” with maybe three phases/slots allowed. Each phase would consist of its orders and a period of time.

Alternately an order package might be event triggered.

perhaps a “Suicide” order for fighters to crash into enemy ships? that would be awesome, xD

A keep-away order would be nice, so that standoff ships could actually try to stay at standoff range.

Ideally: Keep at least away from .

I’d like to expand this to a ‘conditional’ setting. Do these orders, but when (condition) happens, do these new orders. The condition could be a timer, as above, or it could be a specific ship being attacked/destroyed, or even an enemy ship class being wiped out. Combine this with a new ‘reserves’ order (where a ship does not move unless an enemy is within X distance, whereupon it moves away from the enemy), and you could have bombers waiting in the back for all the fighters to be wiped out, escort frigates that fall back to a different cruiser when their first blows up, and cruisers that signal the fleet to charge forward once it has the enemy’s attention…

Great idea.

I’d also like to see a “hit and run” order for things like fighter bombers. The “run” range cold be set via a slider.

A hit and run order type would allow for some more powerful torpedoes that have a very long reload time, and perhaps a shorter range than other torps. You’d then set your torp-armed frigates to rush in, then they’d fire, and retreat to reload their tubes.

Any other similar orders that create a more dynamic fight (rather than close to point blank and slug it out) would be an improvement.

I’d love to see a min range setting as well.

A standoff order with min range for long-distance ships, and a “stay in group” order so you don’t have to linchpin your formations on one ship that makes the group fall apart if it pops.

Formations fly at the same speed, not trying to play catchup with the lead ship.
Formations rotate based on the travel direction of the lead ship.

“Behind” order. Movement type, the ship tries to stay farther away from it’s target then the lead ship.
“Cluster” order. If the ship is being attacked and it and its near by friends are outnumbered, it tries to retreat to the largest grouping of ships.
“Hunter” order. If there is a ship that is not near other ships, it will hunt down and target that one first.
“Hit Least damaged” order. Basically the complete opposite of vulture. I hate watching all my missiles going to one target explode when the target pops.
“Coward” order. If a ship is attacked at all, it retreats till it is not being attacked. Unless its attackers are all faster, in which case it does the cluster.

How about the opposite of “cooperate?”

Have an order where the group so created organizes it’s fire to NOT overlap on any single target if possible, otherwise divide fire evenly.

Might be useful for a group of EMP missile armed frigates, for example. They’d fire a mass of EMP missiles, but all at different tragets, maximizing the chances of disrupting a large group of the enemy at once.

I liked all of your suggestions, but this one is my favourite. More orders specifically aimed at giving us finer-resolution choices for fire distribution…ah, yessss!

I really like this. Seconded, with emphasis!

I like this idea too, I think that is what I was going for with the anti-vulture.

Yeah, anti-vulture is in effect the same, since all the undamaged ships become equally the top of the hit list.

It’s a little different since otherwise presumably “anti-vulture” would target the next threat as per the priority/range settings. “Spread fire” would target all units within range equally, though I’d be inclined to specifically exclude all fighters from this calc.

I’d like to see an order that gives you some control over how your cloaking device is used. My cruisers always seem to cloak randomly like at the start of battle for no apparent reason. Bah, cowardly cruiser captains!