Where to find the task editor

I’m currently working on some new “Make XXX” tasks to allow higher level of vertical integration in the game. The mods work as expected, but right now the UI layout (taskX in ini) for each task is “borrowed” from a different mod.

The Steam Workshop & modding Guide for Production Line mentioned the task editor for modding several time, but there is no description where to find it. It’s also mentioned in Dev Blog #72 on YT and is started directly from the main menu, but the current version of the game (1.81) does not show this entry.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious here so any help is appreciated.

Hi, it was included in older versions of the game, but then it was removed. I think the reason was that it had some bugs, but I would also welcome it if it came back in some form.

Thanks, so I will fall back to copy&paste and use the build-in tasks as “inspiration”.