Who are their parents?

So, here’s a weird one, youth make up 13.45% of my voting population, but parents make up 53.00%. There has not been any radical change in either for the last few years either, I just noticed this now. Even if you say that each family is only having one child, that still only accounts for 26.90%, so where did the other 26.10% come from?

I’m just going to assume that the game has no built in correlation between these two voter groups.

The answer is that the youth are still adults, just young adults (they can vote, after all). The parents are parents of children, not of adults, so if your kid is 21 and in the youth group, you wouldn’t be considered to be a parent voter anymore. This makes some sense, because parents are affected essentially by children’s issues, like how good schools are.

So, no, I don’t believe there is a correlation or that there should be.


Maybe grandparents qualify as parents still in the game’s logic? I don’t know.

The percentage of Parents should increase when you ban abortion, and you should be able to ban contraceptives to increase the number of births. It should boost long term GDP. And you should also have less percentage of Parents when you allow abortion and allow contraceptievs, and decrease GDP in the long run. Eugenics should decrease the number of parents but increase health.

I’m exceptionally dubious about the idea of banning abortion increasing GDP, do you have any sources to back that up? I guess you mean because there would be more people, but historically we’ve tended to see those people who would have been aborted are much more likely to be born into poverty (middle class and rich people can afford illegal abortions) and generally have much worse life chances because their parents are unable or unwilling to properly care for them, so I don’t think they’re exactly going to be raising the average.

Also, eugenics as a social philosophy is utterly discredited, and I can’t think of a single example where it lead to anything but abhorrent crimes against humanity. I think the idea that it could realistically be expected to raise health is pretty hard to defend? Though, if you think you can I would be interested to hear it, and about how it would be enforced in a modern, Western democracy. This is especially problematic given it would directly contradict like 10 different international treaties under the UN and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (as well as a host of other international treaties), all of which include in their list of basic human rights the right to found a family and determine one’s own family size.


Also remember you need 2 parents for every family (regardless of their marital state) which will drastically inflate the parental numbers (I doubt Cliffski has gone to the trouble to model multi-family parents).

Also as others have pointed out, Youth means youth voters (ie over the age of 18 in most countries and 21 for the US), probably less than 25-30 years.