Suggestion: add women voter group from D3 Africa

I think it should be added here - even in highly developed countries like USA situation of women isn’t at best.
Also this would make developing and underdeveloped countries more realistic too.

It could matter a lot, when simulating real demographics with age pyramid and like that.

I disagree. I didn’t like the inclusion of women as a voting group because it assumed that women as a bloc have unified priorities, whereas the opinions of women vary quite a bit. It made sense in the case of Democracy 3 Africa because it related to specific issues like female genital mutilation, which doesn’t apply in developed countries (although I suppose you could make a case for it for “Men,” voting group, for whom circumcision is legal still). Even “Ethnic Minorities” is reductive because it assumes all Ethnic Minorities desire Affirmative Action and less border control.

That’s very true, but they still treat the religious voter group exactly that way despite those communities not being a monolith.

I see the logic of folding women and ethnic minority voter groups into the liberal group, but the liberal group appears to represent the spectrum of libertarian politics EG, they want less gun control because full gun ownership rights are a principal of freedom. You’ve got a single group which constitutes the archetypal democratic left as well as the neoliberal folk who don’t think they should be required to earn a drivers license to be allowed on the road and see taxation as theft.

Isn’t neoliberalism mainly about economic liberalism?
That would be Capitalists.
There can be libertarian capitalists (if strongly sided with liberalism) and conservative (if strongly sided with conservatism) capitalists on that political compass.
Neoliberalism would be societal centrism.

Libertarianism seems to be >75% Liberal according to game model.

Voters have opinion modifiers too - some react strongly to your policies others react weakly.

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