Why is it so easy? Where is a gameplay?

I have bought copy of GSB two days ago. I have decided to watch how battles look like imidietly. So, I placed my ships in space (an equal quantities of tutorial fighters? frigates and cruisers on all my money) set a maximum level of complexity and started battle.
My ships won it easyly. Oh my god! They won the next one, and the next… There was no need to change neither design nor orders. I can do nothing and all the same I will win! Besides, I can’t order my ships in fight. What then I must do? Where is a gameplay? Where challenges to my intelligence or reflexes?
You can tell - earn more points, buy the improved modules. Well, by the present moment, without doing anything, I has won 5 fights, including tutorial. I have earned 10000 points and I am afraid even to think that will happens when i will put the improved modules on my ships. Probably they will blow up all that flies up from one shot :)))) So, what left to do in this game for me?


heh, well sounds like you’re not REALLY playing the game
First thing is designing your own ships. That makes it MUCH more fun, as you have to balance things out quite carefully.
Each map has 3 difficulty levels. And if that’s not enough, Challenges are almost always harder then the default ones.
And if all that isn’t your cup of tea, try the Campaign. Esp. if you don’t FT or FR swarm it to death, it can be QUITE hard

I understand, but is there any stimulus?

Thank you, I’ll try.

Does it means that missions for other races are more difficult?

And the most important question - how can i make AI enemies to win battles against tutorial designs? Or tutorial designs are really balanced, and i must wait until enemies number will grow from mission to mission?

If you keep playing, you will find that it is not possible to win every battle simply by showing up. Different fleets, spatial anomalies, and levels of difficulty will require completely different deployments, and figuring those out is what the game is all about. In addition, there are the online challenges, and as Ikohime notes, the campaign game presents a very different set of problems as well.

As far as issuing orders to your fleets during a battle, that is not possible, but you can control fleet behavior by adjusting things like speed, formation, targeting priorities, etc. before the battle ever starts as part of your setup.

Well, you can find sample online challenges at the end of my Guide here


If you think this game is too easy you should try them, with the Tribe ones being noticeably harder. Just don’t spam my message box with profanity if you can’t win.

Thank, you. They are really hard. But regular missions are still stay quite plain. May be this game is focused on online challenges… For me, it is very exciting to make different designs, but i want them to loose every time when I make any mistake in my design. And of course tutorial designs must be weaker than anyone to stay some place for growth.

Thanks everyone for fast answers.

Yes this game is focused on online challenges

If you want to play harder offline missions you can also check the Mod section. Most fan made race are somewhat stronger than the original, so their mission will be fairly difficult. Difficulty varies depending on how overpowered the mod is and how well the modder can make fleets. Take my mod for example, it contains 2 missions that are considerably harder than the online mission I posted.