"Year" as a factor, and other minor irritations

As in Democracy 3, i dislike “year” being a factor for anything.

Also, there are some causes/effects that seem to be a bit imbalanced, if that is the right term.

To bring an example of both of these issues: Water. I had water shortage, largely due to “year” and agricultural policies. 1) Farms don’t use water from the drinking water grid for watering crops (not that i’ve heard of). 2) A year passing doesn’t cause water supply to fall. 3) The only “cures” seems to be cutting agrcultural subsidies or nationalising the supply. No campaign to limit use, no desalination plants, etc. makes me feel limited in my options. I ended up nationalising, and that solved the problem.

Another example of cause/effect that seems unbalanced is for instance “internet bullying”, where again, it seems like the only options is to limit internet access and technology delevopment.

As a final note, i wish that i could see the theoretical effects of policies not yeat implemented, instead of having to “guess” that armed police will reduce organised crime, or what policies will reduce demand for hospital services.


I agree about the year thing. It’s frustrating that there is no way to interact with global versions of variables like emissions, rare earth supplies, etc. I want my country to be able to CCS the entire world’s CO2! (Only half joking)

In general, I don’t know how many of the weaknesses of the simulation are an artifact of using older formulas and how much remain impossible with the current engine. Guess we should start modding, eh?