Yellow Lines?

The green and red lines on the main screen are useful for seeing what is causing what, but I wonder if it would be worth adding another type of line as well - a yellow line, to show something that is not having an affect on something else (or is having an effect below the current thresholds).

For example, if a policy could make a certain group of voters more (or less) happy, but is currently at a value which has no effect on those voters, a yellow line could be shown between the policy and the voter group to signify this.

Sometimes I have needed a quick fix to make one particular voter group happier - I have had to find policies that are not affecting them but could, but at the moment this requires clicking every policy until I get something good. (I think there were polcies around that showed no relationship with those voters, but if I’m wrong and all such relationships are already displayed then feel free to ignore me!)

if the effect is very very close to zero, it is not shown. An interesting idea. it is a rare case, but they do crop up. What does everyone else think?

Makes sense, but we don’t want the screen to get cluttered up.