Yo have been awarded new tech, always Hospital Truck

So I did a few missions and wonder how do you unlock new hulls in this game?
Whenever I complete a Mission I get a message to let me choose between 2 upgrades but also it tells me that a new Tech is aviable and it is always the Hospital truck.
This has been the same now for 6 missions I did.

I have a similar problem, it always shows that I got the Repair Truck.

I’m also in the same boat; it always says that I’ve unlocked the repair truck too.

Just a quick update. I finally got a new hull to unlock by closing the game and restarting it before completing another mission. Unfortunately this only fixed it once; upon completing another mission, I got rewarded with the same hull again. Repeating my earlier fix (restarting the game before completing another mission) I was then able to get another hull to unlock.

So it seems, for me at least, restarting the game between missions is enough to fix the problem.

(for note, I’m playing the Steam version of the game)

Aha interesting, that does sound like an annoying bug. I shall investigate…