[1.11] Can't delete things [WORKS, see thread]

There are no options to delete saved ship designs or deployments. After a solid evening of trying different combinations, I have so many designs that I’m having trouble finding the ones I want.

Somebody else already mentioned that it’s difficult to find the ship you want from your list, both because they all look the same size and because you can only see the name as a tooltip. Perhaps it would be better to have some kind of selection dialog, where you can see the list of names and perhaps what race and hull it is (or filter by race or hull).

It would also be nice if you could place multiple ships in a row, rather than dragging them on to the field each time.

Right click a ship design to delete it.
or select mass deploy to click-place a bunch of ships much faster

Thanks Cliff, I didn’t realize right-click was used anywhere in the game. It might be a good idea to add that somewhere in the tutorial, since a lot of people never use their right mouse button.