[bug] deployment screen+snap

If i have a large cruiser at the furthest-back row, it’s very easy to lose it off the edge:

clicking (to set orders) or double-clicking both do this:
what seems to be happening is the game gets mouse-down, selects a ship, applies snap-to-mouse (which moves it back slightly - off deployment), gets mouse-up… places the ship… which is offscreen, and so deletes it.

i’ve taken to dragging a cruiser away from the pack to do a double-click select as otherwise i’m just constantly having to reload.

this is on a slow system - the software mouse is very noticably laggy

Alliance Shark Cruiser Hull, place on the back row.
mouse-down on ship. the ship will select, and jump left one square - turning red.
if mouse-up occurs now, the ship is deleted. so it’s impossible to select, or hull-select
this happens where-ever on the ship the cursor is placed, and only seems to happen on the back row.

also happens with my other alliance cruisers

one ship on the back row, another same-hull elsewhere.
double-click the other ship. (both ships select)
mouse-down on other ship. back-row ship skips back, turns red
mouse-up. back-row ship deleted.
move mouse - back-row ship seems to move half-a-square mouse-movement different to the elsewhere ship

hope that made sense :slight_smile:

I’ve found that when I deploy ships on the grid, on some of the lines they’ll shift back a slot when I click (to select for orders) them. On other lines they won’t.

Not sure whether this is a bug or not, but I’ve found that in the current version (1.06) that it is possible to layer multiple ships over the same grid point, if one drags them individually on to the same location.

Confirmed that its still possible to stack ships by fiddling with their placement a bit.

yes indeed, this needs fixing. it’s on the (quite insanely long now) list of urgent things to look at. Right now it’s weapon / ship module / hull balancing day. And that’s a Loooong day!