1.11 notes

Some links are broken - if you start new game with France or oher country, then you will see this error repeating pretty frequently in debug.txt:
Failed to find neuron:D:\programming\democracy 4\builds\Democracy4\src_all_operating_systems\sim\SIM_Neuron.cpp 468

This may be issue with some policies, events and dilemmas.

Working Week simulation has broken link:
WorkingWeek -> WorkerProductivity-0.06+(0.12*x)

This estimated effects box seems to not scale - as if inactive situations weren’t ignored here.

Squatter rights dilemma is in caps

Perceptions can’t go above/below (-)50% on main screen

“Carbon Capture, Energy Efficiency and carbon tax now less effective against CO2.”
Does anyone actually care about those policies? I don’t know about you but, if you ask me, CO2 is irrelevant in this game because you have to implement pretty much every single policy that improves the environment and that solves the CO2 problem (which isn’t a problem to begin with).
And it nerfs the stuff that is kinda pro-market again…

Thanks, this is really cool feedback, I will try and get all this fixed tommorow!.
Hikoboshi, are you saying that you dont use those policies because you achieve CO2 reductions without them, or that you dont think high CO2 has much negative impact in-game?

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High CO2 doesn’t have much of effect.

Also certain CO2 emission level = certain average temperature, as if it was total CO2 emitted by your country.
That is this game gets static eventually if nothing changes.
That’s why I suggested adjustable event frequency so we can have up to 3 events per turn :smiley:

This pressure group seems to require wealthy being unhappy, but retired are joining it.
So does this mean only retired wealthy people join it?
seniorrightssociety PROTEST … Wealthy … Retired,1

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Both. You need car emissions limit, ban low mpg, pollution controls, clean energy subsidies, electric car transition, hybrid car initiative, recycling, micro-generation grants… to save the environment because your GDP wrecks it otherwise. Before these policies actually save the environment your CO2 emissions are already extremely low.
Energy efficiency was/is only (kinda) useful for growth anyway. The other effects aren’t important at all which makes stuff like smart meter and eco-home regulations pretty useless.
And nerfing Carbon capture seems like a very bad decision. It was already a bad policy and needed a buff. I’m not sure how fast the above mentioned policies reduce CO2 but that might be the only upside of carbon capture but that is irrelevant unless there’s a massive downside
to high CO2 emissions. Otherwise it’s just way too expensive.

Middle income sim value can’t be maxed out - not enough policies pushing it up.

Money printer goes BRRRR

Middle Earnings voter group should be renamed to Middle Class.

I am in agreement with the issues raised here. I see one issue is that when cliff nerfs something he makes it lest effective but what he should do is make it more expensive. It should, for instance, be possible to reach 0 CO2 with carbon capture or with carbon tax, or with a bunch of small rules around emission limits. It ok to have more than 100% control of something, just make the controls more expensive. One issues is the pollution controls effect on environment. Theoretically if pollution controls effect all pollution you should be able to set environment at 100 just with pollution controls even if it crashes your economy. (I dont think it should be done this way, just an exaggerated example.)

FWIW I just fixed the productivity thing & the squatters rights thing…

edit: and the previewed effects thing now.

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Aren’t increase/decrease costs swapped here?

Cryptocurrency tax income has weird income multiplier:
With cryptocurrency maxed out tax multiplier isn’t 100%.

Dilemmas are repeatable (cooldown of over 30 turns).
There is pretty serious bug with dilemmas:
Some effects don’t decay.

I guess all dilemmas needs to be reviewed.

@cliffski I’m not sure if you saw things reported in my last post, but it seems like private schools have inverted impact: It increases fixed income of poor group, when its at high value.

This is how fixed incomes are impacted by private schools:
_LowIncome_fixed,-1000+(x^1.2)*3000 _MiddleIncome_fixed,-4000-(x^1.5)*6000 _HighIncome_fixed,-8000-(x^1.8)*5000

By the way I noticed spaces in equations - they break stuff.
_global_socialism,0.05*(x^3) + 0.05,8 is in Ban Second Home Ownership

This may break only estimated effects window only…

If you have all policies active, then clicking on new policy icon will cause game to crash.
This happens if you have country with all prereqs active, so its problem for custom countries.

thanks for the feedback, will be adding a bunch of stuff like this to the todo list…


I’m not sure if I mentioned flat tax income being affected twice by tax evasion before:
In policies:
FlatTax incometax MULTIPLYINCOME 43 13 38 10 TAX 0 0 0+(1.0x) 1 575 30866 0+(1.0x) GDP,0.5+(0.5x);TaxEvasion,1.0-(0.05x)

and situations:
TaxEvasion TAX sit_icons_taxevasion 0 0.6 0.4 0 0+(1.0x) 0 0+(1.0x) default,0.3 CorporationTax,0.3*(x^2),4 IncomeTax,0.5*(x^2),4 CapitalGainsTax,0.12*(x^2),4 FlatTax,0.6*(x^4),4 # IncomeTax_income,1+(x^2)-0.16 CorporationTax_income,1+(x^2)-0.20 CapitalGainsTax_income,1+(x^2)-0.20 FlatTax_income,1+(x^2)-0.16 CrimeRate,0.05+(0.08*x)

Other entries with spaces in equation (BanSecondHomeOwnership is noted):
Policy - CapCEOPayMultiplier, CCTVCameras, Compulsoryworkfortheunemployed (space after name instead of equation), Curfews, DetentionWithoutTrial, ElectricCarsInitiative, HybridCarsInitiative, IDCards, InternetCensorship, InternetCurrencyTaxation, SyntheticMeatResearchGrants
There is random space after last effect in PrisonerTagging, PropertyTax, RoadBuilding
RoadBuilding has random space in income multiplier entry

Situation - Uncompetitive Economy, Organized Crime, Rail Strike have spaces in their defined names.
Food Banks have random " copy" string after icon name.

Simulation - AlcoholConsumption, BusUsage, CarUsage, GDP, RailUsage, TobaccoUse

I think you could simply replace all spaces with nothing in those three csv files and then fix spaces on first line (descriptions)

Also lots of dilemmas could be prevented from being repeatable, not just fracking.

@cliffski are all other spaces removed too?

By the way NuclearPowerstation dillema has no translated text.
There is same event listed twice with different file names: socialmedia and socialmedia_
22+_cryptocurrencycrash! and cryptocurrencycrash are same events in different files too

@cliffski you fixed only one case of space in equation among many others…
I thought you will search for spaces in policies, situations and simulations, not just fix one explicitly reported.
At least obsolete nuclear powerstation dillema is removed.

Event files need checking for duplicates (two cryptocurrency crash events are here), and overrides could be merged eventually too.

Private schools still increase poor income when its at high level.

I’m getting tons of those errors:
04/10/2020 - 16:28 - CAIRO data surface resize request smaller than existing buffer.
04/10/2020 - 16:28 - CAIRO failed to secure enough system memory for data surface to store render request.
04/10/2020 - 16:28 - CAIRO stride calculated for data format is invalid.
04/10/2020 - 16:28 - CAIRO failed to secure enough system memory for data surface to store render request.
Maybe this set locale thingy should be left behind IF ELSE :stuck_out_tongue:
That is trigger it only when its not set to proper thing.