[1.15] An unlockable missing and selection issues

There seems to be an issue with the new unlockables - one of the shield generators is still locked although I’ve unlocked everything in Fleet HQ. It’s under “Defense” and it’s a frigate shield system, not sure which though. Unless

I’ve also noticed two selection issues, one that I’ve experienced quite a few times - namely sometimes clicking ONCE still selects all ships of the same type, it seems that sometimes one ship gets “stuck” on type-select, and therefore you need to double-click it again to get rid of that issue. I don’t seem to be able to reproduce it.

Another thing is that if you box-select a bunch of ships and then deselect with CTRL ship shown on the display to the left issuing any formation etc. orders will result in no ship name being added to the order, making it impossible to issue it. Furthermore, holding CTRL while box selecting doesn’t add newly-selected ships to the set.